Should you covert your TIFF documents to PDF’s?

There are many types of software programs out on the market that work with images, documents and other files that are larger than normal. Some types of files are more user friendly than others. When you are new to looking at types of software or want to use a file format that is friendly to most users and computer systems, what is the best? Do you choose a PDF program? Does a .GIF file look best? Are TIF files the wave of the future?

What is a PDF

PDF stands for a type of file that you can create to send to someone or receive from someone. The letters stand for printable document format and when sent to someone, the end will read .pdf. A PDF file can capture a file, an image or a document as it looks with its own format, no matter how it was created. The person receiving the file won’t be able to make any edits or changes to the document, unless they are allowed to.

By sending someone a PDF file, they can print it out, no matter what type of software program was used to create the document. In a PDF file, a it will look exactly as how it was produced, with the correct font, format and spacing. The receiver will need Adobe Reader or another PDF viewing program to open the document.

What is a TIFF

TIFF is another type of file that stands for tagged image file format. When you receive a file, it will either be named a .tiff or .tif. The image is usually not compressed and the original file is very large, due to being highly detailed with a high pixel resolution. TIFF files are used by photographers, people who write on the web and use a lot of pictures in their posts and for work in the graphics art department. They like TIFF files because nothing is compressed or altered and the picture has a clearer quality.

Since the files are so large, it makes them hard to email, use in blog programs or manipulate on a computer. Professionals might have large enough computer systems to handle the file size, but it won’t work in many programs where people are casually working with or viewing files. People have to have the correct software in order to open a TIFF file.

Some eFax websites send the faxes as a TIF file.  This can be a problem because many people do not have the ability to open and view the document.  ConvertTIFFtoPDF.com can convert the TIF file to a PDF document for easy portability.

So which is better?

Does that mean a PDF file is better than a TIFF file? It might not be better, per se, but easier to use and more manageable for a larger number of people. PDF files are not as large, can be opened on any computer and will look like how it was originally created, no matter what software is on the computer.  A TIFF file can only be opened with the correct software and is very large. By using TIFF files, you might cause a person to go out and spend a lot of money on softare they didn’t really need, because it could have been sent as a PDF instead.

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  1. Sharad Devre - December 18, 2015 Reply

    Thank you very much for your online free service. I have had scanned my sister’s medical reports and wanted to send my dad in my village , where he had urgent appointment with doctor. It was a tiff file, and I had no idea what to do. Thanks again your tool helped me..

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